Feronia Forests has spent years creating new, versatile forms of conservation that sustainably put trees to work to prevent them from being cut down. The result is a family of sustainable, forest-forward products that keep trees healthy and forests standing.

We are proud of the mission that has
created the following products
and we think you will be too.

Seeing the forest forSustenance

Vertical Water is 100% pure maple water that is sustainably tapped from maple trees in New York State. Feronia Forests helped create Vertical Water out of a desire to show landowners that conserving trees can be attainable, profitable, and beneficial to all. Vertical Water is a leader in the emerging tree water category and is available in over 1,400 stores nationwide. Conservation has never been more delicious. Join our mission to keep trees standing one sip at a time at VerticalWater.com.

Seeing the forest forAdventure

Located on 10+ acres in the Berkshires, Ramblewild is a tree-to-tree aerial adventure park that is part of our bold vision for conserving U.S. forestland. The park offers eight challenging courses that soar high amongst hemlock and oaks. Ramblewild empowers visitors to gain a new perspective on what forest conservation can look like while letting people discover Radical Amazement™ as they explore and climb through the trees like never before. With Feronia Forests, Ramblewild is Berkshire County’s newest natural resource and has been featured in major publications. Learn more at Ramblewild.com.

Seeing the forest forSweetness

Sustainably sourced Mission:Maple is one of the only syrups in Massachusetts sourced from FSC®-Certified forestland. Mission:Maple is Feronia Forests’ delicious maple syrup that is on a mission to support sustainable forestry practices today and tomorrow. A portion of Mission:Maple’s proceeds are donated to a non-profit focused on teaching the next generation to value and conserve nature to ensure a brighter future for us all. Our syrups are available in both a 13.5 oz. and 2 oz. size, and a limited edition of fabulous bourbon-infused syrup. Mission:Maple makes the perfect gift—and will be available online soon! To place an order call 413-499-1324.

Through the generosity of Feronia Forests, the Ramblewild recognition program will provide an opportunity for many underprivileged students to experience nature in a way they might otherwise not have a chance. Jason P. McCandless Superintendent
John T.Reid Middle School
I am eagerly planning for the next time I bring a group. Claire du Nouy Head of Middle School
(Former Dean of Upper School)
The Nightindale-Bamford School
Mt. Greylock teachers have already borrowed ideas from Ramblewild and designed lessons around building and analyzing European compost cubes of Mt. Greylock's campus. Mary A. MacDonald Principal
Mount Greylock Regional School Disctrict
Students fortunate enough to spend quality time in Ramblewild will not only find a newer world, but a newer, stronger, more sensitive side of themselves. Michael Rosenthal Lead teacher
Spartan Launch High School Transitional Program

Seeing the forest for ourFuture

Feronia Forward is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to helping the next generation discover a love, appreciation, and understanding of our forests. Employing nature and the forest, we work with schools to educate children about renewable energy, sustainability, and the environment. Using our specially designed curriculum, we invite students and empower teachers to take learning out of the classroom and into the natural wonderland that we have conserved.

In addition to our sustainability and conservation curriculum, Feronia Forward programs aim to address the concern that today’s youth spend too much time in front of a screen instead of experiencing nature, leading to obesity, attention disorders, and depression. This phenomenon, known among child advocacy experts as Nature Deficit Disorder, is particularly true for disadvantaged youth who often lack the means to visit the great outdoors. Our programs help schools get their students outside at the Ramblewild aerial adventure park where they can actively improve their physical confidence while learning team building and leadership skills. Read more about our curriculum.

We feel that we have a responsibility to teach children to value forestland so we can ensure that there will always be a generation of people working to protect our natural resources. Over 85% of all funds donated to Feronia Forward go directly towards programs. Click here to learn more about Feronia Forward.